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Self Storage Buildings, Flat Slab Structural Foundations

Do-it-yourself foundation kits

Self Storage Buildings
Flat Slab Structural Foundations

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Two – Tier Structural Slab Foundation Kits for Self Storage Buildings D-I-Y installed by the end user, dimensionally stable and square, light years stronger than a non-reinforced slab and its 100 years durable.

Pour the entire slab and finish, nothing to strip out.

Builds virtually anywhere, conservation areas, high water, rock, islands, remote. Simple site preparation scrape off the organics, install a gravel drain base level and compact.  Assemble the frame and pour in half the time of a thickened edge slab.

Heated Slab Foundations available.

MK5 Structural Heat slabs wont crack like conventional non-structural slabs.

The excavation is easier and less expensive.

The form is easier to install and less expensive.

You can install an MK5 environmentally sensitive foundation in conservation areas, high water tables, rock.

The MK5 2-tier slab is Pre-Engineered site-specific “Structural code” Part 4, providing permit drawings as Engineer of record and off-site inspection certificates prior to pour.