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Steel Arch Building Foundations

Do-it-yourself foundation kits

Steel Arch Building Foundations

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Steel Arch Buildings are unique in that most of the energy forces are horizontal or lateral loads. It took a year to develop this foundation design exclusively for Steel arch style buildings which can be designed to store flowers up to a Cat 350.

The MK56Q 6” Slab Structural Foundation will provide the required moment resistance at the edge of slab, redirecting the lateral forces perpendicular to the edge of slab to the lower main beam bars running down the length of slab. The location of the arch in width is purposely inset 2 1/2″ from edge of slab which puts the down loads behind the outer lower beam bar which will engage the two-way reinforced concrete action and post tension bar cross ties.

The MK56Q is a two-tier Structural Slab Foundation. Poured-in-place baseplates and “L” anchors are an option or pour the slab and connect the baseplates with wedge anchors, either way the top of slab is higher than the base plate.

D-I-Y installations, you need a drill, a square, and a tape measure.

- Forms are inspected prior to pour and you will receive an engineer inspection certificate and sign-off at the end of the project.

- Call your local redi-mix company and ask for a concrete finisher, you don’t need a forming contractor that’s done, concrete specs are on the drawings.

- A 40 x 60 form ships on a pick-up truck, build remote or on an island at half the cost in half the time, nothing comes back but pictures.