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“The MK10 Structural Slab Foundation
is the GOLD STANDARD of foundations!”
David Lehman – P. Eng Consulting Engineer

MK5 Structural Foundations Engineer of Record
Inspection and certification of project on completion.

MK-7 Structural Slab Foundations

Heavy Equipment Storage
29K Design Load

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MK-8 Structural Slab Foundations

Machine Shops
32K Design Load

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MK-10 Structural Slab Foundations

38K Design Load

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Ships & installs virtually anywhere! (High static water, rock, conservation areas)

An MK5 specialty, our structural slabs are not cut, entombing the Pex pipe in concrete forever.

Environmental sensitive, simply excavate the organic soils, replace with a gravel drain base level and compact.


MK5 kits are designed for first time buyers, detailed manuals and inspection certificates included.

Beam Bar Design and Permit Drawings provided by Risa Structural Design software, fast and dead-on accurate.

Beam Bars positioned with-in 1/4″ of Engineering specification.


The strength of the MK5 comes from the size of the bar and its position in the slab, not the thickness of concrete.

How it works – Design

How do Pre-Engineered MK5 Structural Slab Foundations work with Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings?

Pre-Engineered MK5 Foundations are designed and priced at the same time as the building, waiting for Structural drawings then passing them on to a foundation engineer are over, we design the foundation now, with the building. Adjusting the frame spacing and wind brace positions on the building will lower the upload and down-load reactions on the slab, maximizing building with foundation efficiency.

The MK5 Foundation designed with your steel building will generate the most cost-effective project price possible, Right Now!

MK5 Structural Foundations are designed by Risa structural analysis and design software, the foundation is designed and sent to drafting in minutes.

The MK14 Structural Slab Foundation resolves every engineering issue facing a conventional frost wall foundation.

How t works – Waterproof Doors

The MK5 foundation extends 1 ½” beyond the building footprint allowing the exterior cladding to seat and finish in a notch 1 1/2” to 2” below the top of slab.

That lower notch extends into the doorways allowing the concrete to slope away from top of slab to the bottom of the notch, or set the door to close at the bottom of the notch, flat, either way the doorways and sidewalls are away from the water.

2 Tier adjustable slab heights Single pour Waterproof.

An MK5 2-Tier Slab can be formed as a 6” slab and a 5” slab in a single pour, ideal for attached lean-too’s, patios or veranda’s, steel arch base-plate connections or Self storage foundations.

The bottom of the MK5 foundation form is a drain base, its critical to the design. Finishing the drain base 2” above the existing grade then add 2 ½” thick EPS insulation then a 6” slab, you are up and above the water, not down in it!

Outside moisture cannot penetrate an MK5 2-Tier slab.

MK5 Structural Foundations

Quanset & Tarps
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