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Cee Channel Building Foundations

Do-it-yourself foundation kits

CEE Channel Building Foundations

MK56Q Steel Arch building foundation

MK5 Cee channel building foundations are designed for the first-time buyer, the entire form is pre-drilled and all the bars are the same size, it’s simple D-I-Y construction. Detailed installation manuals are provided and an engineer inspection certificate is included with every form.  Features like waterproof door entrances, poured in place J bolt anchors with location templates and pre-drilled bar stirrups that position the beam bars exactly in the slab, make this an attractive, simple, economical installation anyone can handle

Available in 5 or 6” slabs the exterior “notch” around the perimeter of the form allows a seat for the exterior cladding below the top of slab, so its watertight, and insets the column load 1 ½” into the slab which allows the two-way reinforced concrete to kick in, you don’t get that benefit if your load is on the edge of slab.

The drain base and frost protection are designed site specific on your permit drawings as per the local Structural code, environmentally sensitive excavation allows construction near or in conservation areas or in high static water level areas, remove the organic soils, install a HPB drain base, then compact and level.

Pex Pipe grids in these slabs are there for an eternity, MK5 or MK56 slabs are permanently under stress, they are not cut, nothing cracks, now or ever.

Fast easy installations, you need a drill, a square, and a tape measure.

Forms are inspected prior to pour and you will receive an Engineer inspection certificate and sign-off at the end of the project.

Call your local redi-mix company and ask for a concrete finisher, you don’t need a forming contractor that’s done, concrete specs are on the drawings.

Indestructible Heat slabs, rock solid.

A 40 x 60 form ships on a pick-up truck, build remote or on an island at half the cost in half the time, nothing comes back but pictures.