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Commercial & Residential Heat Slabs

Do-it-yourself foundation kits

Commercial & Residential Heat Slabs

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An MK5 specialty, our prefabricated In Floor Heat Systems are designed in house by CIPH certified Hydronic designers, heat loss calculations, pex pipe drawings, custom boiler boards, designed for any application RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL, any SIZE.

We substitute the under-slab frost protection for pex board and install the exterior beam EPS on flat, so the bottom of the slab is level with the top of the pex pipe, so virtually untouchable.

Optional to a full system. our starter kits include Pex Pipe design, Frost protection design, EPS and Pex board supply and installation. Pex pipe install, and pressure test included. Boiler board by customer or you can purchase a board at a later time.

 The Flexural strength, the ability to resist bending deflection when energy is applied to the slab, is off the charts. The MK5 Slab will not bend. it will not dish, it will not lift, and it will not crack. The MK5 is not cut after pour so there are no intentional relief cracks, which entombs the pex pipe in the concrete forever.

Pex pipe layouts, heat loss calculations.

Commercial installations.

Closed loop, non-toxic glycol pumping systems.

15-year limited boiler warranties.