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Near Zero-Passive Structural Slab Foundations

100% Thermal Envelope

Near Zero-Passive Structural Slab Foundations

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Structural Flab Slab Technology allows for a 100% thermal envelope. The structure and foundation together are a square box, and the frost protection extends beyond the footprint. We recommend R35 to R40 insulation under slab.

Remove the organics and save for back fill. Replace with local quarry rock. Use “A” size on bottom ¼ x ¼ on top, compact and level above existing grade by 2” or higher in high static water zones, even higher in flood zones up and above the water.

Conservation areas, moraines, islands, rock, build where-ever you want the form. It is extremely compact, ships anywhere and requires one single concrete pour. The MK5 can be easily removed from site leaving zero footprint, or re-use it again forever, its 100 years durable easily.

Build Net Zero or Passive now, or build Near Zero before 2032, you can grandfather in for a long time after.

33% less concrete, single pour.

Prefabricated forms ship compact to remote locations, islands, ice roads, nothing comes back.

Environmentally sensitive excavation, remove organic soils.

Indestructible Heat slabs, rock solid.

Pre-Engineered, Prefabricated, fast simple installation.

Remote Engineer inspection and certification.