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MK10 Structural Slab Foundations

Do-it-yourself foundation kits
mk10 2nd main picture 07-2023 page
mk10 main picture 07-2023 page

MK10 Structural Slab Foundations

“The MK10 structural slab foundation is the gold standard of foundations going forward” That was the comment from our Engineer of record David Lehman after he saw the pictures of the form installed. He also conducted an engineered audit pricing the MK10 at $90, 000 less in cost over conventional foundation slab combo in the same capacity.

MK5 contractors don’t see this great big difference in price up front, what you do see is a 60 x 120 form installed and poured to perfection in 5 days, 4 men. Designed to carry 50 ton machine loads this one is for Mines and Quarries, 216K yield beam bars, 10” slab.